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This is a papal fidelity site.
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Faith and Spirituality Forum

Due to the death of Brother Ignatius, this forum is no longer accepting new questions. Please remember to pray for the repose of his soul.

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Question Title Posted By Question Date
Least in heaven Joseph 1/6/2014
Thank You G.D. 1/1/2014
Missing Mass Mary 12/31/2013
Returning to the Catholic Church Melvin 12/28/2013
Explaining why the Sabbath is on Sunday now. Collin 12/25/2013
Raffle Draw in Church hernan 12/17/2013
The Empty Stocking John R. 12/9/2013
Child sacrifices G.D 12/8/2013
the Truth about Genesis Chas 12/6/2013
The V sign Donald 12/4/2013
Killing even the animals Joseph 11/18/2013
Masturbation christina 11/5/2013
what is acceptable Mary 11/4/2013
54 day Novena Christina 11/1/2013
copyrights again johnny 11/1/2013
RE: Fundamental life questions eskor 10/26/2013
Fundamental life questions eskor 10/25/2013
"Killing Jesus" a book written by Bill O'Reilly John R. 10/25/2013
Angels and Time Joseph 10/19/2013
Scrupulosity Follow-up Cody 10/19/2013
RCIA vanessa 10/15/2013
Immaculate Heart Vincent 10/15/2013
Scruples and Hell Cody 10/15/2013
Sign above Jesus Joseph 10/15/2013
miraculous healings Omar 10/15/2013
Disowned by brother Frank 10/5/2013
Need for courage Phil 10/2/2013
Are we the bread of life James 9/29/2013
Brown Scapular Christina 9/12/2013
taxes john 9/12/2013
Pope Francis' statements Eric 9/12/2013
Living a dream or living in a dream world Chas 9/11/2013
Catholic Priesthood Anthony 9/7/2013
a specific context of mortal sin Vincent 9/5/2013
Can non-catholics be saved Chris 9/5/2013
Use of tampons Nancy 9/2/2013
Another Confession/Mortal Sin Question Cody 8/31/2013
Predestination John R. 8/30/2013
cherub wings yvonne 8/15/2013
Living in sin but always thanking God diego 8/14/2013
Is this a mortal sin Lisa 8/12/2013
Gratitude for Saints Intercession Crystal 8/6/2013
Collagen Leon 7/31/2013
Address to write to new Pope? Cass 7/24/2013
Overcoming Sexual Desires Chas 7/23/2013
marriage Reynaldo 7/21/2013
Mortal Sin and Habit Cody 7/21/2013
Your Health Christina 7/18/2013
Hebrews 11:21 Anthony 7/17/2013
Catholic owning the koran Yvonne 7/16/2013
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