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Semper Fidelis
This is a papal fidelity site.
Loyal and Obedient to the
Current Pope and to the
Magisterium united
With Him.

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Faith and Spirituality Forum

Due to the death of Brother Ignatius, this forum is no longer accepting new questions. Please remember to pray for the repose of his soul.

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Question Title Posted By Question Date
Eucharist Suzanne 4/1/2013
Shroud of Turin Anthony 3/30/2013
A Crisis of Faith Ryan 3/25/2013
Did Jesus know Judas would kill himself Diane 3/23/2013
CCD - Your suggestions will be helpful Gerard 3/19/2013
Afraid of my religion Scarlett 3/18/2013
Does this sound positive or negative? Angel 3/15/2013
Butterfly occurrences Grant 3/13/2013
St. Paul's warning regarding receiving Holy Communion John R. 3/12/2013
Earning a living Joe 3/11/2013
The Elijah Cup Charley 3/5/2013
copyrights bobby 3/4/2013
Terminology for Mortal sin jeanmarie 3/3/2013
The Next Pope - Checks and Balances Marc 2/25/2013
Re: creation Patrick 2/23/2013
property john 2/18/2013
Mode of dress for a Sister Chas 2/17/2013
Future Worldwide Persecution John 2/17/2013
Marriage Magali 2/16/2013
John 14:2 Nathan 2/16/2013
The Last Pope - Peter the Roman Andrew 2/13/2013
Re:Has the church accepted the John 2/11/2013
catholic and catholic orthadox Frances 2/10/2013
Lourdes Water Mary 2/10/2013
creation Theresa 2/10/2013
Full of Grace Anthony 2/10/2013
Re:Has the church accepted the John 2/6/2013
ex friend valerie 2/4/2013
Purgatory and Hell Laurentius 2/4/2013
Role of Pope and Bishops in the Church Leander 2/1/2013
Has the church accepted the "homosexual person" John 1/30/2013
Rosary Purchase Jim 1/29/2013
Adultery Corona 1/28/2013
re: Seven Deadly Sins Patrick 1/27/2013
Divorced son re-marrying outside the Church John R. 1/26/2013
Pray for me Prayer Warrior 1/25/2013
Judging Jessie 1/24/2013
Re: Dizziness and Sleepiness during prayer Louis 1/24/2013
Seven Deadly Sins Patrick 1/23/2013
When confessing sins when you were a religious but not Teresa 1/23/2013
Dizziness and Sleepiness during prayer Crystal 1/22/2013
sin trouble james 1/22/2013
Intricacies of Simony Ryan 1/20/2013
RE:Saint Image Candles & Intercession Prayer Crystal 1/18/2013
Is the New Age the Anti Christ? Jane 1/18/2013
The Great Harlot of Revelation Josť 1/14/2013
Saints Ryan 1/12/2013
Saint Image Candles and Intercession Prayer Crystal 1/9/2013
Genesis 3:16 and Genesis 4:7 AJA 1/9/2013
Christian domestic discipline Teresa 1/7/2013
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