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Faith and Spirituality Forum

Due to the death of Brother Ignatius, this forum is no longer accepting new questions. Please remember to pray for the repose of his soul.

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Question Title Posted By Question Date
suffering in heaven? Brenda 12/12/2004
obedience at Fatima James 12/12/2004
Just vs. Unjust Grounds for Divorce Dave 12/11/2004
use of St. Michael's medal on cross Linda 12/11/2004
morality of heart transplants Linda 12/10/2004
When is it acceptable to protect the inoccent? Jon 12/9/2004
Vassula Ryden Michael 12/8/2004
Caring for Elderly Parents Tessie 12/7/2004
Upcoming Marriage & Pseudo RCIA Mitzi 12/7/2004
Death Penalty Linda 12/7/2004
Marital Embrace w/ husband not reaching climax...
WARNING!! This question and answer is of a mature nature. Parental discretion is advised.

Peter 12/6/2004
RE: Tubal Ligation George 12/5/2004
My dad... Matt 12/4/2004
Re: Why is GOD not hearing Me? Roy 12/4/2004
VASSULA RYDEN Michael 12/3/2004
Consecrated Life Tom 12/3/2004
Confession after being away from the Church for many many years. Annie 12/1/2004
Dismissal from the clerical State Antonio 12/1/2004
why isn't God hearing me? hyde 11/30/2004
considering marriage to fallen away catholic jake 11/29/2004
Mortal sins JAIME 11/29/2004
general confession gerald 11/29/2004
smoking andrew 11/29/2004
When does the Body infused with the Soul Jon 11/28/2004
Is it right to hide within the Church? Manuel 11/28/2004
CCC 1625...? Brittany 11/28/2004
morality of having a tubal ligation Linda 11/26/2004
Evangelical Ministers 'Converting' Catholics Michael 11/24/2004
Nun delivering message from hell Chris 11/24/2004
Desire to Recover From Homosexuality Michael 11/24/2004
The voice of Mary Sonia 11/22/2004
Naming our Guardian Angels Monica 11/22/2004
The Truth About Fr. Malachi Martin once and for all: He was not defrocked or laicized... Thomas 11/22/2004
Brother... Matt 11/22/2004
Some one has talked to me Theresa 11/22/2004
Additional "senses?" Bill 11/21/2004
Sins Agatha 11/21/2004
disobeying parents Brenda 11/21/2004
Reconciliation Kevin 11/20/2004
The Daily Examination of Conscience Edwin 11/20/2004
Re: Regnum Christi Consecrated woman Linda 11/20/2004
Making Up for the Sins of Others Anthony 11/19/2004
No one will talk to me Theresa 11/19/2004
Errors about Malachi Martin Thomas 11/19/2004
Regnum Christi Consecrated woman Linda 11/18/2004
Protestant Bibles Jesse 11/18/2004
A thank you monica 11/18/2004
Internet filter Matt 11/18/2004
Was the US ever dedicated to the Immaculate Conception Charles 11/18/2004
How can i deal with my protestant friends Michael 11/17/2004
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