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This is a papal fidelity site. Loyal and Obedient to the Current Pope and to the Magesterium United With Him.

Violent Hauntings - Demonic Infestation of a place

If you are currently going through a violent haunting, here are some things that you should be aware of.  Under no circumstances should you ever speak to the entity.  Doing so can put you, your loved ones and your property in danger.  Never challenge it in any way (saying things like, "If you are present, then show yourself or give me a sign").  Never ask it questions.  If you are dealing with a demonic entity, asking questions out loud or challenging it can have disastrous consequences.  Also, another serious mistake is made when contact is attempted through sťances, Ouija boards, or psychic mediums in the attempt to negotiate with and/or placate the spirit.  If you have attempted these things or have done any of the activities above, whether you knew it was wrong or not, please see the Seven Steps to Deliverance section on repentance (Step 1).  Scripture expressly forbids these activities and clearly defines them as sinful.

Prayer affords the best protection for you and your family at this point.  Pray the prayers that I have listed on the Prayers page.  In addition to prayer, see the Self Help section of this site.  Try not to be afraid.  Although I do fully realize that the events that are going on around you are terrifying, try to realize that you are being protected by God and His holy Angels.  If you were not being protected, you would not be reading this right now.  In addition to this, you need to seek out help from your local clergy.