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Non-violent Hauntings - Human Ghost Activity

Not every haunting is caused by malevolent or diabolical entities.  These types of hauntings typically involve more benign activity but can still be quite frightening.  Although no one can say for sure why human spirits end up not 'moving on', the fact remains that sometimes they do not.  My personal belief is that these spirits are currently undergoing their purgatory here on earth and are given a special grace from God to attract the attention of us still living humans.  Perhaps they have no one to pray for them and God, in his mercy, allows them to make their presence known to others so that prayers will be said.  After all, most people who witness paranormal events in their lives automatically begin to pray.  Again, this is just my opinion and it is in line with my personal religious beliefs.  Although there are many other theories as to why human spirits hang around, not surprisingly, I find my own to be the more plausible explanation.

It should be noted here that sometimes demons do pose as human spirits.  Some of the reasons for this are illustrated in the essay titled, "Demonic Deceptions" located on the "Further Study" section of this site.  The best advice that I can offer would be If you are unsure, then you should first seek the help of your local clergy.  If you find that your clergy are unable to deal with your situation, contact us and we will do what we can to help you.  However, proceed as if it is a human spirit and follow the steps that are outlined below.

Also, NEVER attempt to contact a spirit.  You can pray for the situation, but under no circumstances should you attempt contact through any means.  This includes consulting psychics and mediums, using a Ouija board, or asking questions out loud.  You can make your problem far worse if you do not heed this advice.  Your only recourse should be prayer.  Prayer does work in cases of human spirit hauntings, and I recommend that if you are currently going through a haunting of this nature that you pray.  Here is a simple prayer that can be offered for the soul.  Please note that it will likely not be enough to say it only once.  Rather, continue to pray it until the activity in your residence stops:

Lord Jesus, master of all things created and Creator of all things, I ask for your mercy on the poor soul in this place who still suffers here on Earth.  In Your goodness, Lord, You have allowed this soul to make it's presence known so that (he or she) can obtain the necessary graces to enter into Your kingdom.  Look now Lord, with Your eyes of mercy, upon this creature whom You love and allow them to experience the joy of Your presence for all eternity.  Amen.

Here is one more prayer that you may find helpful in dealing with human spirits:

Heavenly Father, I offer you the most precious body and blood of Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, in union with all the masses being said this day throughout the world, for all the holy souls in purgatory, and especially for the soul of the person who dwells in this home.  Amen.

Also, have a mass said for the individual.  The mass is the most powerful prayer that you can have recourse to.  Since you will unlikely know the name of the person that you are having the mass said for, simply state to the priest that you would like to have a mass said for a departed soul and give him or her a name.  God will know who the mass is being offered for.