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Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary 1962 James Thursday, February 2, 2012



As I am looking for a way to join the 'public prayer of the Church' through the Little Office of Our Lady of 1962.

I would like to ask the following several questions:

1. Is Card. Augustin Bea's Amplior Edition of the Little Office of Our Lady can be considered as a 'public prayer' of the Church, what I mean is if it is included in Summorum Pontificum? The title of the volume is:

"Officium parvum Beatae Mariae Virginis, editio amplior. The enlarged version composed by A. Bea and authorized by the Pope in 1953. English translation by A. Scharf. "Feasts proper to the United States": p. [470]-481."

If it is so, does the vernacular (English) version in this volume has the approval of the Holy See since 'Inter Oecumenici' states in Chapter IV, Section III, Number 82:

"The translation of the text of a little office into the vernacular for use as the public prayer of the Church must have the approval of the competent, territoral ecclesiastical authority, following approval, that is, confirmation, by the Holy See. "

2. Is Fr. F.X. Lasance 1904 vernacular (English) version of the Little Office of Our Lady published by Saint Bonaventure has the approval of the Holy See (same as no. as per Inter Oecumenici). I understand that this is before the Pius X revisions but it can be edited to conform to Summorum Pontificum. Does the blessing of Pope Pius XI to the volumes of works of Fr. Lasance means approval to this Little Office, as it is stated that: "His Holiness (Pope Pius XI) wishes that these volumes, which assuredly promote the spiritual life, may receive an ever-increasing welcome in all the Christian families of your great country." (from a letter to Fr. Lasance written at the Pope's direction, May 10, 1927)

3. Is the Baronius vernacular (English) version of the Little Office has the approval of the Holy See (same as 1 and 2 as per Inter Oecumenici)? They said that it was the version by James Burns in about the year 1860 but I do not know if it was approved by the Holy See at that time.

4. Is the Challoner vernacular (English) version of the Little Office has the approval of the Holy See (same as 1 and 2 as per Inter Oecumenici)? This version is floating in the Internet at:

5. What 1962 version of the Little Office in the vernacular that conforms to Summorum Pontificum can you recommend to me if I want to join the 'public prayer' of the Church?

God bless.

Question Answered by Bro. Ignatius Mary, OMSM(r), L.Th., D.D.

Dear James:

I praise God that you are interested into entering the prayer of the Church. It is a wonderful prayer whereby the entire Church prays for your intentions.

I am not familiar with all these editions. The edition I have is compiled and editied by John E. Rotelle, O.S.A. published by the Catholic Book Publishing Company, 1988.

I do know that the 1961 Edition, edited by John Newton, conforms to Summorum Pontificum. It is published by Baronius Press.

We have a page that lists approved editions of the Divine Office. The 1961 John Newton edition is at the bottom of the page.

Beyond that I do not know for sure, but as far as I can determine, you can use any of editions you list as long as there is an Imprimatur.

If anyone has more specific information on the editions mentioned by James, let me know.

God Bless,
Bro. Ignatius Mary