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Recordings of Exorcisms Eamonn Thursday, January 10, 2008


I am a subscriber to the excellent Catholic magazine "Love One Another", a magazine run by the Society of Christ, a Polish order (, you can also read the issues online (but if you can, subscribe and pass them on) I'm a teacher and the students love tactile things they can hold on to and pass around.

Anyways, my question is about an article in issue number 6 about the Anneliese Michel case in Germany, 1976. the article says that there were recordings made of the exorcisms, and apparently the demons can be heard roaring and so on.

My questions:

1) Are these tapes real? Have you Brother, or anyone you know of heard these kinds of things?

2) Who is "Fleishmann"? I can't figure out who that is, and why it ranks with Judas, Nero, Hitler, etc..

3) Father Alt, the priest who performed the exorcism also writes a powerful article in the magazine. He writes about the diabolical and occultic influence on Nazi Germany, and how this is still going on, but in a masked way. He also asserts again the reality of her possession. It doesn't say the year or anything that he wrote the article.

4) In there was recently an article about this new school of psychology that performs a kind of exorcism on patients, and the doctors say they have been succesful with this. They say the oppressing agents respond better to patience and understanding and letting them know why it is better to leave.

Many of their patients have been delivered from their oppression and compulsions.

Any answers or thoughts on these questions?

Thank you!
God bless and peace of Christ,

Question Answered by Bro. Ignatius Mary, OLSM

Dear Eamonn:

1) I do not know specifically about tapes of the Anneliese Michel case, but since they said they made recordings, I presume they did.

If they did, then hearing demons roar and scream and spout obscenities and such should be on the tape if that is what the demons did during the exorcism. Such behavior on the part of demons is indeed real.

I have tapes of deliverance with one of my clients in which the demons shout out, growl, speak, and interrupt the deliverance sessions.

These things are real.

2) As for Fleishmann, I found some information about him from a fella who got the information from a German website. Whether or not the information is credible I have no idea. Anyway according to this German Website Fleishmann was a disgraced German Priest from the 16th century from the parish of Ettleben in Bavaria.

Little is known about hims other than he was mentioned in the parish records of Ettleben -- where Father Ernst Alt, of the two priest who performed the exorcist on Anneliese, found his name.

Father Ernst Alt came to the parish of Ettleben near Klingenberg (the small Bavarian town where Anneliese lived) in spring of 1974. He found the parish in a very bad condition and ordered for the church to be restored. While examining the records he came across the name of Valentin Fleischmann, who had been priest in Ettleben from 1572 to 1575. In the records Fleischmann was called a "concubinarius" and "vino addictus", the Latin euphemisms for "womanizer" and "drunkard."

It said that he was a ruffian, once beating a man to death in the vicarage. It is said that he beat one of his female companions so badly that she had to have barber surgeon in Wuerzburg take care of her for several months.

He had four children, other sources tell about six. The tombstone of his daughter Martha can still be visited as it is set into the front of the oldest building of Ettleben.

One night in autumn of 1975 Alt came over to see Anneliese for another session of exorcism. When they had a break he get talking to some other man present and he mentioned that there had been some really bad characters in the line of Ettleben's parsons and that he hoped he won't become one of them. It was meant as a joke but Anneliese reacted fiercely to the name Fleischmann, a reaction that she would show whenever this name was mentioned.

Two weeks later, during another session, the demon in Anneliese revealed that Fleischmann was the "sixth devil" inhabiting her. She knew details from his life that stunned Ernst Alt, because he had mentioned the name of Fleischmann but never the more detailed facts about him. Some researchers claim that Anneliese had read the records, an allegation denied by Father Alt who had sent them to the archivist of the diocese in Wuerzburg immediately after having examined them himself.

3) That is correct. The Nazis, especially the SS, was deeply involved into the occult and into sexual perversions and pornography. I do not know about lingering residue still in Germany, but I do know that such things are possible, and, given the intensity of the evil of Nazis Germany, may even be likely.

4) I cannot find the article about the school of psychology that teaches exorcism so I really cannot comment on it except based on what you have posted.

Based on your description of that this school does I would say that I find it very difficult to believe that "oppressing agents respond better to patience and understanding and letting them know why it is better to leave."

I think that is idiocy. Demons responding to "understanding"? Give me a break. Those poor demons are so misunderstood! There is no case of demon possession that I am aware of at anytime in history, or recorded in the Bible, where the demons responded to "understanding and patience." In all cases, the demons were kicked out, not politely convinced that it was better for them to leave. Give me a break.

Demons are kicked out, cast out forcibly by the exorcist (in the case of a solemn exorcism) or are pushed out by a deliverance minister (in the case of non-solemn deliverance). But demons will not leave once they are "understood" and are "convinced" that it is better for them to move on. That is laughable.

If that is what this "school" is really teaching, then I would say they are incompetent as spiritual warriors and deliverance ministers. BUT, I am only going on your description. Without the full context of their "technique" I really cannot directly comment. Maybe what they are doing is fine once we know the full context. I don't know, but the idea of "understanding and patience" is ridiculous.

God Bless,
Bro. Ignatius Mary




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