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Pilates info Raphaela Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Hello Brother, I have been following your site now and again and I truly appreciate your efforts and information.

About Pilates: I am a fitness instructor. I do not touch yoga and am very careful as to what stretching movements I teach during a Pilates class because some of them are very similiar to some yoga postions.

I have a friend who used to be in an eastern cult. He was a high priest and could contort his body into unfathomable positions. He claims he was addicted to yoga and becoming more and more narcissistic with each passing day. Not to mention the awful supernatural bondages he experienced. He is now delivered and works for a diocese on the West Coast and assists at exorcisms. He is writing a book about scripture and its references to the New Age.

Anyway, he told me these positions were created to give honor and glory to the gods and goddesses of the Hindus.

These "dieties" appeared to the people and told them to get into these positions for the positions were sacred and would bring them closer to THE ONE. Whoever that is. However, it sounds a bit like Genesis, does it not? When Satan told Adam and Eve they would be like gods if they ate from the tree.

It is important for everyone to be aware that even the fitness industry is saturated with new age practices. My friend told me that getting into one of those positions, even once, will demonize you to some degree. And then the demons will cause you to want more and achieve more in yoga, and you will become fixated on it and have an inordinate desire for it. So even if you have put your foot in the water so to speak, you still have a chance to recognize this practice is not of God and pray against it and any of its negative effects on you.

Question Answered by Bro. Ignatius Mary, OLSM

Dear Raphaela:

Thank you for the information about Pilates and also yoga.

There are still some questions that I would have about Pilates, but this is a Q&A forum where I am suppose to answer questions not ask them ;)

I would invite your to join our Spiritual Warfare Discussion Forum. Maybe you can discuss these things in more detail.

For your, and anyone's convenience, here is a direct link to the Registration Page.

God Bless,
Bro. Ignatius Mary

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