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Why do people hold hands during Our Father?? Kristin Thursday, January 3, 2013


To Whom It May Concern,

I just ran across an article stating that its wrong for people to hold hands during the Our Father. The church I attend has been doing it for years. ( I was fallen away for awhile, but when I came back, this was the practice.) What is correct?

Thanks for your time.


Question Answered by Mr. Jacob Slavek

Dear Kristen,

The Church makes no such instruction at all to hold hands during the Our Father..  therefore the correct thing is to NOT hold hands, but rather simply hold whatever reverent posture you already normally have during the Mass when standing.

Now in your particular case you may need to make a judgment call whether or not to hold hands this Sunday, of course I don't want you to make a scene.  If the priest specifically instructs the people to hold holds, well then hold hands because the Church values uniformity in postures...  but quite frankly if the the priest DID make such an instruction, he would be wrong and overstepping his authority.

Whenever I find myself at a Mass where the people start to hold hands, and if there is NOT a specific instruction from the priest, then I simply politely decline to those standing nearby, and I haven't had any problems.

Mr. Slavek

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