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Re:Charismatic Gifts at Mass Bro. Ignatius Mary Friday, January 27, 2012


Jacob, to give you a little support on this question.

There is no such thing as a Charismatic Mass. The Mass is the Mass and must be performed according to the Liturgical laws to the letter.

Tongues is absolutely not to be done in the Mass by the Priest or by the Faithful.

The only Charismatic gifts that could possibly be used during Mass by the priest are the Gifts of Prophecy, Evangelism, Teaching, Word of Knowledge, and Word of Wisdom during the Homily. The Gift of Prophecy is almost universally mis-defined by the Charismatic Renewal. The Gift of Prophecy (which means forth-telling) is the gift of supernatural ability to preach.

Word of Knowlege and Word of Wisdom are also about universally mis-defined.

Readers can check out the article, Charism Gifts Building Up the Church, for details on the pros and cons of the Renewal. This document also has a chart of 30 charism gifts found in Scripture and defines each.

I hope that helps the questioner.

Question Answered by Mr. Jacob Slavek

Dear Brother,
Thank you for the input.
When I was in college I spent a small amount of time with a charismatic group and we regularly had what they called "Charismatic Masses" complete with the speaking in tongues. However there was no interpretation, at least never when I was there.
I agree completely that there is no such thing as a "charismatic mass" which is why I used the term that the popes have used, "Charismatic Renewal".  I even received at stern talking-to from a priest on my reluctance to participate during the "charismatic" portion of the Mass.
I guess my point is though that the gifts of the Spirit are NOT dead, and even in my group we gathered for fellowship and prayer regularly outside of Mass, which by the way was a WONDERFUL opportunity to evangelize.  I always participated in this prayer whole-heartily.  We just need to make sure we keep them in proper context, like I said in my first post, charismatic prayer is a FORM of prayer and Liturgy is a FORM of prayer, and of all forms Liturgy is the highest and it is not proper to "mix" Liturgy with another form since Liturgy is the only form of prayer that is strictly regulated by the Church.
Betting back to the original topic of Scripture from our questioner John, back in the early Church I don't think that Liturgy was quite as completely defined as it is today, and I don't think there is enough evidence from St. Paul to say that for sure there was "speaking in tongues" during what would have been their Liturgy, although I suppose it is still possible.
Regardless, in today's Liturgy, which is regulated by the Church and NOT scripture, there is no room for it.
Mr. Slavek

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