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About offerings to God Fe Monday, March 26, 2018


Hi, I have a question about offerings to God.

I was searching prayers online about offering to God our pain and suffering. I noticed that all these prayers are about present suffering. Can we offer to God our sufferings that happened in the past? Let's say: Eternal Father, I offer to you my pain and suffering many years ago around 1998 in union of Christ's suffering in reparation for my sins. I prayed this now because I did not know about the merits of offering it during those times.

Do you think, I will have the same merit?

How about painless disease? I have cysts and they are not painful. I wonder if they can help in terms of reparation. I also want them to disappear as I want to have children someday (because surgery requires removal of the ovary). I also have skin problems, not painful, just annoying and embarrassing.

I read in the book of Fr. Amorth:
Many times I have witnessed the efficacy of simply covering the area with the stole and
pressing on it with one hand. Many times women have come to me before undergoing
surgery for ovarian cysts, which were diagnosed following a sonogram and the description
of the pain. After the benediction, the pain stopped; a new sonogram showed the absence
of any cyst, and surgery was canceled. (An-Exorcist-Tells-His-Story-Gabriele-Amorth)

I was thinking that maybe it is possible this is demonic. I already made confessions, prayed deliverance downloaded from your site (though not everyday), listened to Fr. Clement Machado and Ten thousand angels song. I asked a priest to pray over me, but he is not an exorcist. I can't find an available exorcist. Do you have suggestions? Maybe I'm forgetting something. But it is also possible this not demonic related, perhaps a result of poor nutrition, I don't know.

Thank you.


Question Answered by Bro. Ignatius Mary, OMSM(r), CCD, LTh, DD, LNDC

Dear Fe:

It is not likely that these problems are demonic. They are medical problems to be treated medically. God, however, can heal us if it is His will. Father Amorth gives an example of healing.

We certainly can and should offer up our suffering to God and our Blessed Mother for the salvation of souls, or for whatever intention. It is also okay to offer up past sufferings. The prayer you wrote is fine.

Our sufferings do not always involve pain. Any suffering, such has having any medical condition, even if not painful, is something we can offer up.

It is not necessary to have an exorcist pray over you. Prayer is prayer and any priest can pray over you for deliverance. The only time an exorcist is required is in the administration of the Rite of Exorcism of a possessed person.

We will be in prayer for you.

God Bless,
Bro. Ignatius Mary

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