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Okay to Miss Mass on Sunday Christina Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Oh, Brother Ignatius Mary,

My priest did mislead me, and after he told me not to fast, I really didn't pay any mind to the hour. I will go to confession to confess.

Now, this brings up another concern. Just recently I went to confession to confess that I didn't attend Sunday Mass. I just didn't feel like it. However, I made it every other day that week - or almost every day, I can't remember. Then, I missed mass the week after for two reasons. One, I couldn't take the Eurcharist and two, everyone in church would see that I sinned and I was embarrassed to go to mass and not take the Eurcharist. So, I missed the whole week.

On Saturday I went to confession and when I did the Priest told me that it was okay that I missed Sunday since I made it the entire (or almost) the entire week. He also told me when this happens to continue to go to Mass the following week and take the Eurcharist. No need to not take the Eurcharist and to continue to go every day. Now, so far, I haven't missed a day yet going to Mass, including Sunday's (I love Mass). There is an unbelievable peace that I have when I go to Mass. I just love it. I think, if I could, I would sleep there! Anyway, Brother Ignatius Mary, is his advise again a little too liberal.

Once again, thank you for your answer.

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Dear Christina:

You need to slow down and take a breath. I recommend you buy a copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, read and study it. If anyone tells you something that contradicts the Catechism, you will know they are wrong.

We are required to go to Sunday Mass and all Holy Days of Obligation that are celebrated in the country in which we live. 

The only time missing Sunday Mass or a Holy Day of Obligation is permitted is if one is sick or is working, or has some other grave reason that makes it impossible to attend. Not feeling like it is not a valid reason. Also embarrassment is not a valid reason to miss Mass.

Keep in mind I am talking about Sunday Mass and Holy Days of Obligation, not Daily Mass. Daily Mass is not required and thus it does not matter whether or not you attend Daily Mass.

Attending daily Mass DOES NOT, however, substitute for Sunday Mass. Even if attending Mass everyday from Monday - Friday, one must still go to Sunday Mass.

The Bishop needs to be informed about this priest. He is harming the flock with his errant teaching that is in total rebellion of the Church. He should be removed from his office before he harms more people. He needs to be plucked from his job as pastor and re-educated or laicized . 

For yourself, if this pastor remains, I would recommend leaving his parish since he is harming your faith.

As for being embarassed to have to sit in the pew rather than go forward in communion, get over yourself. This is nothing by unadulterated pride.

God Bless,
Bro. Ignatius Mary

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