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One hour fast before Eurcharist Christina Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Hi Brother Ignatius Mary, I have a few more questions...

I saw on your site that one is to fast 1 hour before receiving the Eurcharist. I am aware of this, as I was brought up with this understanding. However, just recently I went to confession to confess that I forgot to fast, the priest told me that this fast no longer holds exists. That the reason for the fast was for purely digestive reasons - not to burp while the priest places the Eurcharist in ones mouth or have breath of food odor. I take the Eurcharist in my mouth. Every since the priest told me this, I didn't pay mind to the 1 hour fast. Now am I sinning?

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Dear Christina:

It sounds like your priest is yet another liberal, or perhaps he is an idiot, who needs to be horse-whipped. He knows better, and if not, then the bishop needs to reassign him to a seminary to be re-trained.

Canon Law requires the Eucharistic Fast. Any priest who says otherwise is sinning and will be held accountable to his bishop, or to God, if the bishop does not discipline him.

Canon 919 ß1 Whoever is to receive the blessed Eucharist is to abstain for at least one hour before holy communion from all food and drink, with the sole exception of water and medicine. 

ß2 A priest who, on the same day, celebrates the blessed Eucharist twice or three times may consume something before the second or third celebration, even though there is not an hour's interval. 

ß3 The elderly and those who are suffering from some illness, as well as those who care for them, may receive the blessed Eucharist even if within the preceding hour they have consumed something.

Those who are elderly or sick, may fast for 15 minutes. 

These times are based on the actual time of communion, not the time the Mass begins. Thus, unless one is eating and drinking after Mass begins, there should be no problem.

A personal note: To reduce the Eucharistic fast to one hour is ridicules. Are we so profoundly immature that we can't stand to fast for a longer time? I guess so.

You need to ignore this inexcusably errant priest. Go back to fasting for at least one hour, as the law of the Church requires.

God Bless,
Bro. Ignatius Mary 

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