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Memorizing the LOTH Blake Monday, July 9, 2018



It seems I read somewhere that the LOTH should not be prayed from memory and the prayers should be read from the actual texts in the books. Is this true? Parts of the LOTH I have memorized including the Canticle of Zechariah and the Canticle of Mary. It is somewhat distracting to refer to the prayer card inserts when I don't need.

Thank you very much.

Question Answered by Bro. Ignatius Mary, OMSM(r), LTh, DD

Dear Blake:

If you can memorize the entire Divine Office, which would be quite a feat, then go for it. There is no prohibition to memorizing the Office or parts of it. Canticle of Zechariah and the Canticle of Mary are memorized by repetition by most people who pray the Office regularly.

We must be sure, however, that we memorize the Office, or parts of it, accurately. With that said, no problem.

God Bless,
Bro. Ignatius Mary