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St. Elizabeth Ann Seton (Mem) & Antiphons Joseph Tuesday, January 4, 2005



Today was the memorial of Elizabeth Ann Seton, and I have a few questions about reciting the Day prayer office.

For example, it reads in the guide DP 844, Ant, Rd, etc. 589

Usually when reciting the Day prayer I say the antiphon before and after each Psalmody and the antiphons are different for each Psalmody. But, for the above memorial, is the guide telling me that the same antiphon should be said before and after each Psalmody? When I turn to page 589, I only see one antiphon listed.

Thanks for all your help!


Question Answered by Bro. Ignatius Mary, OLSM

Dear Joe:

As I understand it, the single Antiphon is said before the first Psalm and then repeated after the past Psalm. I can find no specific reference to this in the GILH.

The closet reference is to long Psalms that are broken up. In that case one can say the Antiphon at the beginning, and then repeat it after the entire Psalm is read even though it is in sections (or one may say the Antiphons with each section).

It would seem that this principle may apply in the case you mention. Notice on page 844 there is only one reference to the Antiphon (as in the Proper of Seasons) and that is at the beginning of the First Antiphon.

Another option may be to say the one Antiphon before each Psalm and then after the last one.

God Bless,
Bro. Ignatius Mary